The Heroes' Challenge Race & Fundraiser:


Challenger with the most  $ pledged wins a 1-night stay at beautiful

Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge!


Local News Station KATU Channel 2 coverage of The Heores' Challenge, July 4, 2016

* need a minimum of $500 in donations to be eligible for prize. 

Prize donated by Skamania Lodge!

  • Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)3:15

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click on the dog tag to see the local News Station KATU Channel 2 coverage of The Heroes' Challenge, July 4, 2016

Upcoming Events

July 4, 2017 The Heroes' Challenge

Register today for a demanding "37-click" Bike Race, or challenging 1/2 Marathon Run, or a Fun 5K+ "1-click" Walk-Run, or a Track Walk or join our "Virtual Team" & spend Independence Day morning

Backing a Hero

BackaHero.Today is all about supporting local heroes.  Heroes' who silently give 24/7 on-duty, doing their job, taking care of-serving-protecting the rest of us.  The Heroes' Challenge held in the early morning hours of our nation's Independence Day does  just that... a fundraising "thank you" to those past and present soldiers and their families who sacrifice so the rest of us can live free.  But freedom is not free. It is hard won and it takes a toll on those who serve and those who love them. Take the Heroes' Challenge by registering today and then getting pledges so you can back a hero and proudly wear your dog tag.

BackaHero.Todayis excited to be joining up once again with Point Man Ministries to host

"The Heroes' Challenge."  In 2016 we brought on Scovel Racing to provide "chip-timing"

for Bike & 1/2-Marathon participants, we also added an extra hill to The Heroes' Challenge Run to stretch it out to a half-marathon for a total distance of 14 miles. For 2017 we have added a Track Walk  for those that want a smooth flat walk that is NOT timed, as well as a "Virtual Team" for those that want to skip the excerise and go directly to getting pledges and raising money.

               July 4th The Heroes' Challenge    5-Events   You choose your challenge! 


1/2 Marathon Run at 0730 over DEMANDING hills (14 miles

"37-Click" Bike Race at 0830 over REALLY Ruthless hills (24.18 miles)

5K+ "1-Click" Country Stoll FUN Walk/Run at 0930 (3.38 miles)

Track Walk that is NOT Timed at 0945

or Join our "Virtual Team"

& start getting pledges!

Please give your time, energy, and treasure to support a great cause... helping soldiers and their families rebuild after sacrificing for us, our country, and defending Liberty around the world. They gave for us... today lets give to them.  Register today to Bike, Run, Walk or join our "Virtual Team" and then get pledges and truly BackaHero.Today

Enlist Today!


pictures from past Heroes' Challenges

a local non-profit dedicated to supporting Heroes in our community

     Heroes give everyday 24/7 

Lets do the same... join the  BackaHeroBrigade today