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37-Clicks (24.2 miles)

1st: Jake VonDuering, Camas WA,         


2nd: Shaun Martin       


3rd: Karl Bailey


4th: Sondra Grable


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1/2-Marathon+3-Clicks (14.82 miles)

1st: Heather McFadden, Camas WA,         #56, 2:15:16.340, PACE: 9:09

2nd: Matt Murphy, Celebration, FL #57, 2:15:23.020, PACE: 9:09

3rd: Lisa Cianni

#60, 2:30:31.727, PACE: 10:11

our community has the Back of Heroes!

Wanting to honor the military service of her father-in-law, Tristan Graves of Vancouver WA was the top fundraiser in 2016, getting a total of $635 in pledges!  As this year's top fundraiser, she & her husband will  be enjoying a night at the beautiful destination resort, Skamania Lodge, in Stevenson WA.  THANK YOU to Skamania Lodge for the wonderful donation!!!

5K+ 1-Click Fun Walk/Run (3.38 miles)


All events are professionally chipped timed by Scovel Racing (ScovelRacing.Com)

Race Results for The Heroes' Challenge

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5K+1-Click (3.8 miles)

1ST: Casey Kemp, Camas WA,            #117, 21:35.244, PACE: 6:57

2nd: Ryan Grable, Camas WA,         #112, 23:25.600, PACE: 7:32

3rd: Nolan Connolly, Washougal WA

#86, 28:22.237, PACE: 9:08

 RUN... RTB (Return to Base)

14.2 miles + the "Oops"

1st: Casey Kemp


2nd: Heather McFadden


3rd:  Catie Cejka



Thank YOU to all of the volunteers, race participants, and sponsors for making The Heroes' Challenge a successful fundraising event, and helping back Heroes!



Race Results


37-Click Bike Race (24.18 miles)

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5K+1-Click (3.8 miles)

1st: Stephen Jones


2nd: Alexis Murray


3rd: Kael Godwin


That is how much money thus far The Heroes' Challenge--4th of July has raised to help local Heroes!

100% of every dollar donated and 100% of registration fees goes directly to Heroes.  No administration costs, no overhead... just 100% to support local Heroes in their times of need.  

Because of YOU,



1/2 Marathon + 3-Clicks Run (14.82 miles)

BIKE... RTB (Return to Base)

37-Clicks (24.2 miles)

1st: Jake VonDuering, Camas WA,         

#37, 1:22:54:733, PACE: 3:26

2nd: Cory Duncan, Camas WA,         #36, 1:39:31700, PACE: 4:07

3rd: Kim Calderson, Stevenson WA