Race Results

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37-Clicks (24.2 miles)

1st: Jake VonDuering, Camas WA,         


2nd: Shaun Martin       


3rd: Karl Bailey


4th: Sondra Grable


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5K+1-Click (3.8 miles)

1st: Stephen Jones


2nd: Alexis Murray


3rd: Kael Godwin


You may find all of the race results by downloading the

time sequence order document:

5K: http://www.scovelracing.com/res…/2018_HeroesChallenge_5K.pdf

10K: http://www.scovelracing.com/re…/2018_HeroesChallenge_10K.pdf

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10K Men:
1-Casey Kemp 39:44.00
2-John Love 43:32.62
3-Bob Rakoz 47:16:09

10K Women:
1-Kristin Lesseig 48:38.85
2-Kristen Thomas 51:42.02
3-Jennifer Brooks 55:35.11

That is how much money thus far The Heroes' Challenge--4th of July has raised to help local Heroes!

100% of every dollar donated and 100% of registration fees goes directly to Heroes.  No administration costs, no overhead... just 100% to support local Heroes in their times of need.  

Because of YOU,


Wanting to honor the military service of her father-in-law, Tristan Graves of Vancouver WA was the top fundraiser in 2016, raising a total of $635 in pledges!

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5K+1-Click (3.8 miles)

1ST: Casey Kemp, Camas WA,            #117, 21:35.244, PACE: 6:57

2nd: Ryan Grable, Camas WA,         #112, 23:25.600, PACE: 7:32

3rd: Nolan Connolly, Washougal WA

#86, 28:22.237, PACE: 9:08

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14.2 miles + the "Oops"

1st: Casey Kemp


2nd: Heather McFadden


3rd:  Catie Cejka



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37-Clicks (24.2 miles)

1st: Jake VonDuering, Camas WA,         

#37, 1:22:54:733, PACE: 3:26

2nd: Cory Duncan, Camas WA,         #36, 1:39:31700, PACE: 4:07

3rd: Kim Calderson, Stevenson WA


5K WALK... RTB (Return to Base)

5K Men:
1-Josh Reiter 19:39.68
2-Michael Garrison 20:57.75
3-Ryan Grable 22:56.14

5K Women:
1-Olivia Klinetobe 24:44.71
2-Deb Krichko 25:14.84
3-Rachael Tullar 26:14.03

Thank YOU to all of the volunteers, race participants, and sponsors for making The Heroes' Challenge a successful fundraising event, and helping back our local Heroes!

Honoring the family patrich's career in the US Navy, The Lord-Brallier Crew raised $700 for local Heroes in 2018!

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1/2-Marathon+3-Clicks (14.82 miles)

1st: Heather McFadden, Camas WA,         #56, 2:15:16.340, PACE: 9:09

2nd: Matt Murphy, Celebration, FL #57, 2:15:23.020, PACE: 9:09

3rd: Lisa Cianni

#60, 2:30:31.727, PACE: 10:11

our community has the Back of Heroes!

Top Fundraiser:

The Lord-Brallier Crew...$700 for local Heroes


All events are professionally chipped timed by Scovel Racing (ScovelRacing.Com)

Race Results for The Heroes' Challenge


THANK YOU to Skamania Lodge

for your wonderful donation...

The top fundraiser,  (who raises more than $500)

wins a wonderful night at the beautiful destination resort, Skamania Lodge, in Stevenson WA.